Friday, July 18, 2008

My package arrived

I am so happy with what I got. I am here to show it all to you and let you know how much fun I had opening it.


Here is what she sent, and she wrapped all the little goodies in the left over yarn so I need to unwrap it to get to all my goodies. When I unwrapped it this is what I found.


As you can see in the photo there are stitch markers, sock needle protectors, little bunny buttons, a row counter and a little sweater keychain. I am happy with my gifts. Thank you Valerie, (valink on ravelry) of Knit Sibs podcast.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My little nesters

I received my package last week but wasnt home to open it. So when I came home sunday look what was waiting for me. KnitSix was my partner and she made the cutest little chickies. It also came along with some very pretty handmade stitch markers,hand lotion,hot chocolate and toffee that has dissappeared.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Foxy goodies from Kim

I got this great package from Kim today! I just love the cute little fox she made for me -- he's definitely going to keep me company at my desk. Along with the little critter, she included a photo frame, hand cream, Chinese exercise balls, lots of yummy chocolate (some of which didn't make it to the photo shoot :P), a tin of SweetTarts, a coin bank that says "Shopping fund", and a light-up glass flower. I adore the fact that Kim included all sorts of diverse, super-cool goodies. Thank you Kim!! I love it all!

Butterfly Flutters By

Just flew all the way from Norway and boy are it's wings tired. rimshot
I found my critter warm and safe in my mailbox this morning. Marianne really brightened my day with this colorful beaded butterfly....well that and the candy, stitch markers, and beautiful card. Thank you Marianne!!!!!

My critter

Look what the UPS Man Brought!

HeatherD sent me the very best box of goodies!! Two adorable sea critters, tea, chocolate coffee (dark chocolate, my favorite), JuJubes, Good and Plenty and my absolute favorite, Jelly Belly, jelly beans. I adore everything she sent and hope she reads this to know how much I appreciate her kindness.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Relaxing Morning indeed....

I got my package on Friday from itsjustmeghan & I just had to show everyone so y’all can be jealous! It is a relaxing morning themed package & my critter-esque critter is the cutest clock ever. My DH won’t stop talking about how cute it is. And I had myself a relaxing morning complete with tea drinking (out of MY new favorite thing) & cookie eating. I had to include the picture on front of the card because it’s freaking hysterical.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Guinea Pig Adventure

Meet Fluffy and Not-so-Fluffy all the way from AZ! Fluffy got to go on the host familly's vacation and had a great time finding treats to include in the package.

Thanks Andrea aka dnaprice for a great swap!