Friday, July 4, 2008

My critter has arrived!!!

check out the little critter box i got from Katri!!!

critter swap 2

Meet Suei (i think that's how it's spelled) her name is a poetic word for summer in Finnish! and she's just TOO CUTE! i love that she has a little sweater and a matching headband! so stylish! her green yarn is from a local sheep farm and the blue yarn is done by a local dyer and spinner.

critter swap

she also included some chocolate from a small company near her, gummies with real fruit juice, some sweet little buttons, and a cute little broach she made from felt (it's SO cute!). she also translated a bread machine recipe for mefor Finnish "Pulla" complete with little photos! :) i can't wait to try it!!!! sounds so yummy!

AND she had a sweet little note written on a postcard with LILACS! love it! :)

i'm a happy swap partner!

now, off to put feet on my critter so i can get my box in the mail!

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